Euirim Choi

Hi there! I'm a third-year at the University of Chicago interested in cybersecurity, online platforms, artificial intelligence, market power, and journalism.

I'm currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Chicago Maroon, where I break news that gets national attention and built Marketplace, a buy-sell platform used by thousands of people in Chicago's Hyde Park and beyond.

In school, I am researching how changes to websites' JavaScript can be tracked over time with Ariel Feldman and am finishing up research on how awareness of tracking for online behavioral advertising may change users' web browsing behavior with Blase Ur.

I will be a Security Engineer Intern at Facebook this summer, working to protect 2.2+ billion people from the most dangerous threats on the platform. I currently tutor students in computer science.

Please get in touch via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter. I also publish some, but not all, of the code I write publicly on GitHub.