Euirim Choi

Hi there! I'm a fourth-year at the University of Chicago interested in cybersecurity, online abuse, artificial intelligence, market power, and journalism.

I'm currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Chicago Maroon, where I break news that gets national attention and built Marketplace, a buy-sell platform used by over 10,000 people in Chicago's Hyde Park and beyond.

In school, I researched how changes to websites' JavaScript can be tracked over time with Ariel Feldman and published a research paper on how awareness of tracking for online behavioral advertising may change users' web browsing behavior with Blase Ur.

I was a Security Engineer Intern at Facebook this summer, where I worked to protect 2.2+ billion people from the most dangerous threats on the platform. I currently tutor students in computer science.

Please get in touch via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter. I also publish some, but not all, of the code I write publicly on GitHub.

Selected Works

News Clips

  • August 30, 2018

    Chinese Coal, No Revenue, One Employee: Inside UChicago Trustee’s “$1.7 Billion” Firm

    Documents reveal that UChicago trustee Steve Stevanovich is late on over $12 million in pledges to the University, and that by overselling his aviation company he may have committed securities fraud.

    Notes: Our investigation was profiled by Felix Salmon from Axios, who called it “fantastic.” Our article was cited in federal bankruptcy court.

    The almost 5,000-word investigative piece required reading over 1,000 pages of documents. I also coded a special site to host the article and designed the featured graphic.

  • March 5, 2018

    Pearsons, Who Pledged $100 Million to UChicago, Want Their Money Back

    Sensitive documents obtained by The Maroon last summer and a new lawsuit reveal a strained relationship between the University and the Pearson family, calling the future of the Pearson Institute, which was supposed to change the world, into question.

    Notes: I broke this story, catching Chicago media outlets by surprise, possibly because the lawsuit was filed in a district court in Oklahoma—not in Illinois. The article was cited on Page A2 of The Wall Street Journal. The Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune ran their own reporting on the story on their respective front pages.

    The article is the most-read Maroon article in the past two years.

  • November 28, 2017

    University Hospital Patient Information Was Potentially Vulnerable to Hackers

    A Maroon investigation found that weaknesses in the University’s network could have allowed hackers to steal sensitive information from networked printers, as well as access and, in some cases, control cameras and other connected devices.

    Notes: The Illinois Collegiate Press Association said that this was 2017’s best news story in Illinois at the university level. The article won in the large school (4,000+ students) non-dailies category.

  • August 13, 2017

    An Inside Look at the University’s Budget

    Private administration documents shed light on strategic budget deficits and deliberations on how to control spending.

    Notes: This article was part of a series that was deemed by the Illinois Collegiate Press Association as being 2017’s best in-depth reporting series at the university level. The series won in the large school (4,000+ students) non-dailies category.

  • January 24, 2018

    Steve Bannon Accepts Invitation to Speak at the University of Chicago

    Booth professor Luigi Zingales, who is interested in populism, confirmed to The Maroon that Bannon accepted his invitation.

    Note: I waited for two hours outside Professor Zingales’ office to confirm a tip that we received. We then published a story before every single outlet, which would later be confirmed by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune. The Washington Post wrote about the invitation as well.

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